Saturday, September 03, 2016

Announcing Microbiology Talk- Podcast


All those readers who have been reading my blogs for a long time and following the contents might be aware that I had long ago announced that I would be interested in working on a podcast. However, my end of the issue was I was not sure how and didn't have team mates then. Also, my tech knowledge to create the content was (and still is), quite limited.

Podcasting is not a new phenomenon. There are several different high-quality podcasts out there done professionally and appealing to a wide range of audience. I regularly listen to several of them. Interestingly, medical microbiology related posts are less (There are a still a significant few of them). I also realised that there is really no microbiology podcast from the South-east Asian region and that would be something really useful to have.

Blogging has given me a great platform to communicate and work on certain topics, but blogging has its own set of limitations, which can be masked in a podcast platform. So, a team has been gathered. All of them have a great base in blogging and microbiology communication. The team includes-

Sagar Aryal the "techy guy" who made the website and created the technical platform
Saumyadip Sarkar the "communication guy" who does recording, editing and contacting scientists.
Sridhar Rao the "Mentor" who has made sure things are in order
And me...

We have already recorded 3 episodes and 2 are available online. I understand that we are learning how to do this stuff and create a good audio content. Everyone is working on creating better content, and it is getting better with each episode. The first recording was about biofilms, the second on Zika and we are soon going to release a new episode on Leprosy vaccine.

The show will host educational audio content about basic microbiology, interesting recent research findings and will be inviting researchers from the field to talk about their work. We are already working on one (Details are a secret until you listen to the show). Also, if you want someone to be there on the show we will welcome them also. All details are there on the Website. Check out all tabs.

If you are reading this post, you are obviously interested in microbiology and so I believe you will be interested in the audio content (Podcast). Give it a look, download, listen, subscribe and keep listening. For we are going to go big from here on. So, get on to the following links

Subscribe in iTunes:

And meanwhile also let us get some idea of what people expect from an educational podcast by answering this questionnaire. It will not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

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