Dear Readers,

Before you start using this blog let me tell u why I chose this. Ever since I have started teaching, it was great fun to teach. On advice from someone I respect, this blog was started as a trial for me to learn and teach a few things in "Medical Microbiology". Initially, the site ran with a name- Medical microbiology blog, but later I changed it to Microboids. I had a parent site with that name. However, I found it time demanding to keep the site running and so decided just to keep this blog running. As I work on my doctoral thesis, I like to write once a week, so that I keep myself updated.

The aim of this blog is to write about recent research that has some interesting takes. Occasionally, I also try to answer some commonly asked questions, talk about some laboratory techniques, throw my views on self researched topics etc.

I don't claim any copyright on anything posted here. That means you are free to replicate the contents unless it doesn't violate others copyright issues (For e.g figures that I have borrowed from others). But if you are using my materials, especially on your webpage, it would be appreciated if you will quote the blog or provide a link.

I had never posted ads in the pages since I saw the page as a medium for me to just right and think about the science I do and being involved with. But, now am planning to look into a bigger picture and expand into some domains, and I cannot pay for those from my pocket. So I have now been thinking of trying out "google adsense" and see how it works out. Will keep you people updated.

I have been posting now for more than 4 years and it has been a great experience. You must note that Microbiology just like other branches of science is an evolving subject and there may be a difference of opinion. The older posts may thus be outdated. The contents posted also have personal opinions, which represents absolutely my opinion. You are free to disagree if you have a reason to do so.

Glad to see you here
Varun C N