Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Nobel Awards- 2015


Nobel Prize is the worlds most prestigious award, news of which is awaited by scientists every year. The recipients of the award is chosen by the Nobel foundation constituted by Nobel committee of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Nobel committee of Karolinska Institutet and Norwegian Nobel Committee. The award consists of a citation, gold medal and money. However, the fame is considered far superior for the award. The 

For the year, 2015 Nobel awards under different categories of science has been announced. Congratulations to the winners.

1. Physiology/Medicine

This years award under the category has been split into two half. First half goes to William Campbell and Satoshi Omura for their contribution to development of avermectin class of drugs to treat river blindness and lymphatic filariasis. The second half of the award is honored to Youyou Tu (Also won Lasker prize in 2011), for contribution to development of the antimalarial drug artemisinin.

2. Physics

Takaaki Kajita and Arthur McDonald have been awarded under the physics category for their work demonstrating that neutrinos, as they travel can change mass at a varying rate, depending on the state thereby convincingly proving that the ghostly particles have mass. The study finally solved a longstanding problem in "standard model" of particle physics.

3. Chemistry

Recognition under this category has been awarded to Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar for their work on DNA repair (Actually that sounds so much like physiology). The work described DNA repair mechanisms- base excision repair (by Tomas Lindahl), nucleotide excision repair (by Aziz Sancar) and mismatch repair (by Paul Modrich).
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Daniel Cressey (2015). DNA repair sleuths win chemistry Nobel Nature : doi:10.1038/nature.2015.18515

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