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Lab Series#18: The Levey-Jennings Chart

A huge reader base of this blog is somehow connected to health care and a majority are connected to a laboratory that deals with medical samples. A strong requirement of the work nature is to be producing consistent results. But how do you actually measure that the results produced are consistent and reliable? Well, one of the methods it is to measure the variations and see if it is acceptable. There is a huge number of tests that can be potentially done to estimate the variations and check if the results that are produced are indeed acceptable. The point of this post is to talk about one such test- "LJ Chart", simply because the method is universally done to ascertain the authenticity of results. But before I jump into the calculations, it is important to understand some background concepts.
A Scenario to Consider...
Let us start with a scenario. Assume that you have received a blood sample for measuring HIV Viral Load. The method of estimation that you are using is a Real-…

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